Class 10 English Chapter 9: Madam Rides the Bus

Class 10 English Chapter 9: Madam rides the bus important questions and answers for the annual examinations. The solution is based on the syllabus JAC borad Ranchi. You have any question, you can leave your message in the comment box. 

Madam Rides the Bus Summary

It is a sensitive story of a Tamil 8 years old girl named Valliammai or Valli. She turned into curious to recognise approximately the out of doors international. also, she did not have pals to play. So she keeps standing within the doorway of her residence and watch human beings in the street. This became her preferred pastime. but, she changed into constantly mesmerized by the bus adventure. There travelled a bus among her village and the closest town. She began gathering facts about the timings of the bus from her neighbours. The bus travels to the metropolis close to her village which turned into about six miles from her village. The fare become thirty paise for one way. So, Valli started out saving cash for the bus fare.

She deliberate to journey within the afternoon whilst her mother became having her nap. Valli was standing on the roadside anticipating the bus. because the bus got here she told the conductor she desires to visit metropolis. The conductor became a jovial individual. He referred to as her Madam and showed her the seat. The bus became new and painted in green and white color stripes. The bus changed into comfortable and seats were expensive. On her journey, she loved looking mountains, inexperienced fields, and palm bushes grassland. She was experiencing it enthusiastic about the primary time by her personal eyes. On her way to the metropolis, she noticed a younger cow that got here in the front of the bus at the same time as crossing the street. the motive force blew the whistle and the cow crossed by using. All this is very charming for Valli. It was like a dream come true for her.

She was watching the whole thing but the outside landscape became her high consciousness. After a while the bus reached the very last vacation spot and all the passengers were given down. The conductor asked her to get down however she informed that she become there for the bus journey. The conductor smiled being attentive to her respond. Valli remained at the bus and had taken a return price tag from the conductor. The bus began and on her way lower back home she noticed the equal cow lifeless by means of the roadside. This made her coronary heart cry. She as a consequence became unhappy and tried to recognize the meaning of lifestyles and demise in her very own phrases. She came again home but did not percentage a phrase about the adventure with her family.

Madam Rides the Bus Important Questions Answers

Ques: Why was Valli called madam?
Ans: Valli was 8 years old girl. One day she started a bus journey. She got angry when the conductor called her a child. The conductor was a Jolly short person so he called Valli a madam to feel some pleasure.

Ques: What was valli’s strongest desire? Where did she get this desire?
Ans: Valli had a strongest Desire to ride a bus. She was 8 years old girl and she had no friend of her age in her neighborhood. So she always stood on her doorway and pass her time watching the bus come to the street. 

Ques: What was valli’s favourite pastime?
Ans: Valli’s favorite pastime was to watch the street bus which came to her street road everyday hour. She feels very happy watching the new set of passenger carrying out and carrying in of the bus.

Ques: What details did Valli find about the bus journey?
Ans: Valli wanted to ride a bus so she needed some details about the bus journey. She found out some details like the bus fear, distance of the city from her village, and time taken to reach the city.

Ques: How did Valli collect the detail of the bus journey?
Ans: Valli was a smart girl. She listened carefully her neighbors who talked about the bus journey. Sometime she herself asked important questions to the neighbors. Thus she collected the information about the bus journey. 

Ques: How did Valli arrange the bus fare?
Ans: Valli determined to save the bus fare. She had to face many difficulties to collect the bus fare. She saved all the money that came to her way. She saved all money that she was given as a pocket money. She did not spend her money on balloon and sweets. It was very hard for a child to Sacrifice her small happiness but she did just for her bus journey. 

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