Class 10 English chapter 1: A Letter To God Questions Answers

A Letter To God the story written by G. L. Fuentes. Here all the necessary points and the questions and answers. The Lesson has been taken from class 10th JCERT book, the first book of English ‘Foot print without feet’. JharEdu provides the best notes for class 10th. All subjects notes are available here.

A letter To God Short Summary Class 10

‘A Letter to God’ Story highlighted the deep faith of a farmer in God. Lencho is a farmer lived in a solitary place. He was a professionally farmer. The farming only means of survival for his family. Once the hailstone destroyed his crop. His family and he was in a big trouble. They had not enough food to survive that year. He had no neighbors and friends to help them.

Lencho had a deep hope that God would help him. He was awake all through the night and decided to write a letter to God. Next morning, he awake in the morning and go to Post office. He wrote a letter God and asked for 100 pesos. He posted the letter in the postbox. 

One of the employee collected the letter and handed the postmaster. He laughed but cared the emotion and feelings of Lencho. He read the letter and decided to answer it. He collected money from his colleagues. Even he gave a part of his salary. He able collect only seventy pesos. He put the money  in the envelop and signed the name of God.

When Lencho visited to Post office for the inquiry, postmaster handed the letter to him. Lencho opened the envelop and counted the money. Instead of being happy he got angry because he asked for hundred pesos but it was only seventy pesos. He thought the bank employees had stole the money because the God either did miscount nor denied for hundred pesos. Lencho wrote another letter to God to request him for the rest money. He also requested not to send by post.

A letter To God Important Questions Answers

Ques: What did Lencho hope for?
Ans: Lencho hoped for rain. He was a farmer and his corn filed needed at least a downpour to have a rich crops. He saw towards the north east and predicted that it might rain that day.

Ques: Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like ‘new coins’?
Ans: The rain could give good crops to Lencho. He would sell them and earn enough money. So he symbolize the rain drops as a news coins. He was very happy to see the drops. 

Ques: How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields?
Ans: While feeling the pleasure of the rain, he observed a strong wind begin and the rain changed into hailstones. It had been rained for hours. When it stopped, he saw his field was destroyed by the hailstones. His heart was filled with sorrow. He had left nothing to survive that year. 

Ques: What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?
Ans: When the hail stopped, Lencho got upset to his field. The hail ruined his field. It had nothing left. He was worry about his family. He had no idea how to survive for a year without food. But he had a single hope to ask for help form God. 

Ques: Why did the postmaster resided to answer the letter?
Ans: The postmaster was a kindhearted man. When he read the letter, he could help laughing but soon he became serious. He appreciate the faith of Lencho in God. He did not want break his faith so he decided to answer the letter. 

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