Class 10 English Chapter 4: From the Diary of Anne Frank

Class 10 English Chapter 4, From the Diary of Anne Frank: This is very important lesson for the students of class 10. You must prepare for this lesson for the final examinations. In this article, we wrote short summary and solved some important questions answers. If you have any questions, you can leave your message in the comment box.

From the Diary of Anne Frank

A writer finds it strange and unusual to write a diary because he is just beginning to do it. He feels that in the future no one will learn about the young girl’s past experiences. But then he puts these thoughts aside and decides to write down his thoughts. The author feels very lonely as he has no friends to talk to. He wants to give her a need for a friend, which is why she decides to name a diary “cat”. The author feels that this paper has more power to absorb thoughts than people with a low level of patience. He has a good time with friends but can’t talk to them all about it as they are not real friends. He refers to his father as the most lovable presenter of his diary on his 13th birthday.

On June 20, 1942, he describes how his class feels about the results. The author says that the only subject he is not sure about is math. He and his friend G tried to stop the students from making noise but to no avail. According to the author, about a quarter of a class should not pass as they do not participate in any activities.

Anne recalls how often the professor of mathematics was constantly annoyed with her speech. When he speaks in his classes he gives her extra homework as punishment. The first penalty for writing a “Chatterbox” story, the author thinks is weird. He thinks about the topic and decides to present concrete arguments that support the speech. He writes that he will try to improve himself but will not stop talking completely. The professor finds humor but gives another title after he has not changed his nature.

The title says an irreversible dialog box that means a habit that is hard to change. After keeping an eye on him, the professor gives him another title, Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox, as punishment. You lose your mind after writing twice on the same topic. She decides to write her third article in the form of a poem and then writes a joke and luckily the professor takes it lightly. The professor sings the whole poem in front of the class and the author speaks without interruption after this.

Important Questions Answers

Ques: What was Anne’s Feelings about having a diary?
Ans: Anne finds it foolish for a 13-year-old to have a diary as she seems to have many friends and other people to talk to, but in reality, she says she feels very lonely in the world. She wants her diary to be her friend.

Ques: Why does Anne Frank think that ‘paper’ has more patience than ‘people’?
Ans: Anne believes that paper is more patient than people
because she listens to him more patiently and quietly does not respond like other people and is also able to tell her diary all her secrets.

Ques: What does Anne Frank tell about her family in her diary?
Ans: Anne Frank tells us she has a loving and caring family.
Her parents and older sister love her very much. There are about thirty people next to him whom he can call friends. She has a loving aunt and a nice home but wants to have a real friend with whom she can share her feelings and thoughts.

Ques: Describe your views about Mr Keesing as a teacher.
Ans: Mr Keesing seems to be a strong teacher but actually believes in doing something with good intentions and the development of children. She tries to control her bad habit of talking too much but once she is sure that her habit does not interfere with her studies, she simply ignores her shortcomings.

Ques: Anne called 26th July a ‘tumultous’ day. Explain the reasons behind it.
Ans: Anne called July 26 July as a day of turmoil as it was full of tensions and fears. The first bell rang in the morning but no one paid attention because it meant the planes were crossing the coast. The alarm went off again at 2 p.m. Anne and her sister went upstairs but five minutes later they heard loud gunshots. Half an hour later, the engine drone faded and life became normal. The city was shrouded in mist. But after dinner, there was another round of shooting and a series of flights. The air was full of engine air. No one was able to sleep that night because it was midnight again.

Ques: Why did Anne think that she could confide more in her diary than in the people?
Ans: Anne Frank did not have a friend to share with now. Although he had a wonderful time with his friends, he could not share his thoughts and ideas with them. When he received his diary, he decided to share everything because he believed that no one would be interested enough in his songs. So, he treated his diary as his best friend. It would keep his life a secret and he would not react like humans. He poured out everything in the diary; his family, his fears, his loneliness, his health and he considered it his best friend.

Ques: Who helped Anne in writing the essay and how?
Ans: Anne loved to talk a lot. Mr. Keesing punished him and gave him his essays to write in sequence as he never stopped speaking in class. When asked to write an article for Ans. the article ‘Umaka, Uwakaka, says Mrs Chatterbox’ has decided to make it the first. Her friend Sanne helped her as she knew poetry well and suggested that she write the whole story in verse. Anne tried to make a joke to Mr. Keesing with an article. Mr. Keesing took it in stride and read it in class. He understood that he was not a bored student, but the one who talked about it allowed him to talk and did not punish him again.

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